Ken Gray (1905-1981)

Ken Gray, pictured here in 1938, took some of the original images used on this site. Ken was an entomologist at Oregon State University and later worked for Pacific Supply Cooperative in Portland, Oregon.

Between April, 1964 and October, 1976, while working for Pacific Supply, Ken produced a large collection of photographs of insects and related arthropods. His images can often be identified by the neutral gray background on which he placed his subjects. Sets of his images (as duplicate slides) were distributed to universities, and other governmental agencies, in the late 1970's under an Environmental Protection Agency grant.

Ken Gray ca. 1938

Individual slides and slide sets were available for purchase, until the early 1990's, from Eugene Memmler of Glendale, California. Ken primarily used Kodak Kodacolor negative film which by the early 1990's had begun to deteriorate. At this time a subset of these negatives was scanned and archived onto Kodak PhotoCD disks.

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