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Summary: Professional-level pest control supplies and equipment can now be purchased online. These products are often more effective and safer to use than consumer-level products that are available at the local home and garden center.

Jack DeAngelis, PhD
OSU Ext. Entomologist (ret.)

Until recently homeowners had only limited access to pest control chemicals and application equipment. Only pest control companies could easily purchase so-called "professional" level products which are typically more effective, less expensive and often safer to use than the consumer-level products found in lawn and garden stores.

While we definitely advocate a "less is more" approach to pest management, and prefer that alternatives to pesticides are used whenever possible, sometimes pesticides are necessary. The trick is to use pesticides only when necessary and choose those that are least toxic and, when possible, environmentally friendly. One goal of 'Bugs is to help you make these choices wisely and with the most current information.

picture of bed bug larva (4th instar)

Bed bug (4th instar larva, unfed) - about 1/5". Becomes less flattened after feeding.

Most pesticides, baits and equipment can now be purchased online. Below are listed some resources of these materials. The big problem is that there are too many choices both in terms of sites and products and it can be overwhelming. Try to ignore the hype. Use the 'Bugs Index to find our specific product suggestions and don't be tempted by the "silver bullet" -- there is no single product that will solve all pest problems. Take a look at our articles about the Pest Control Products for Homeowners and the differences between "Organic" and Synthetic Pesticides.

Pesticide Registration in the US

In the US the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates pesticide use and every pesticide must be registered as either General Use or Restricted Use. The product label contains very specific information and product use instructions. Unlike other consumer products pesticides must be used only as specified on the product label. All pesticide product labels will clearly state which registration type applies.

Restricted Use pesticides can only be sold to, and use by, individuals holding a license issued by their state, usually the state's Department of Agriculture. These pesticides are either highly toxic or environmentally hazardous, or both. Restricted Use pesticides should not be available online. General Use pesticides, on the other hand, can be purchased by individuals for use on property they own, in a manner specified on the label, without a license. An applicator license is generally required, however, if you intend to apply even general use pesticides on property you don't own.

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